Central / North Asia – Blog Post Index

(The Philippines), Hong Kong, Southern Taiwan and Macau Christmas/New Year 2018-19

January 2nd  New Year in Hong Kong    Hong Kong

January 5th  A quick dip into Southern Taiwan  Taiwan » Kaoshiung and Tainan

January 7th  Macau – country #60?   Macau

West China (plus Sri Lanka, Amritsar – India and Pakistan) 2018

August 15th   Crossing the world’s highest border – to China we go   Pakistan / China 

August 16th   Where are all the people? Tashkurgan   China » Tashkurgan

August 17th   The slow road to Kashgar   China » Kashgar

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan 2017

Aug 6th   The long way to Dushanbe   Tajikistan » Dushanbe

Aug 8th   Why the Pamirs   Tajikistan » Dushanbe

Aug 9th   Delightful Dushanbe   Tajikistan » Dushanbe

Aug 9th   Hitting the High way (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Kalai Khum

Aug 9th   Day 2 Pamir Highway – Kalai Khum to Khorog (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Khorog

Aug 10th   Day 3 Pamir Highway & entering the Wakhan Valley – Khorog to Ishkashim (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Ishkashim

Aug 10th   Is it safe to follow the Afghan border?! (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Ishkashim

Aug 12th   Day 4 Wakhan Valley Detour – Ishkashim to Langar (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Langar

Aug 13th   Day 5 Wakhan Valley detour – Langar (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Langar

Aug 14th   Day 6 Pamir Highway – Langar to Bulunkul Lake (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Bulunkul Lake

Aug 15th   Day 7 Pamir Highway – Bulunkul Lake to Murghab (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Murghab

Aug 16th   Day 8 Pamir Highway – Murghab to Karakul Lake (Vlog)   Tajikistan » Karakul Lake

Aug 17th   Day 9 Pamir Highway – to Kyrgyzstan! (Vlog)   Kyrgyzstan » Sary Tash

Aug 17th   Day 10 Pamir Highway – the last stage: Sary Tash to Osh (Vlog)    Kyrgyzstan » Osh

Aug 18th    Osh – civilisation!   Kyrgyzstan » Osh

Aug 20th   Walnut trees and waterfalls – Arslanbob   Kyrgyzstan » Arslanbob

Aug 20th   In the middle of nowhere – Kazarman   Kyrgyzstan » Kazarman

Aug 22nd   Yurt living at Song-Kul Lake   Kyrgyzstan » Song-Kul Lake

Aug 23rd   Language in the Stans (Vlog mini-series)

Aug 23rd   Back to the city – Bishkek   Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek

Aug 26th   Apples are from Kazakhstan – Almaty   Kazakhstan » Almaty

Aug 26th   Dealing with money (Vlog mini-series)

Aug 26th   What technology we travel with (Vlog mini-series)

Aug 26th   Sizzling Shymkent   Kazakhstan » Shymkent

Aug 27th   Day tripping to Turkistan   Kazakhstan » Turkistan

Aug 30th   Architecture, World Expo & International DJs – Astana   Kazakhstan » Astana

Aug 31st   Dasfindanya Central Asia (Vlog)

Uzbekistan & Iran 2016

Nov 1st   Touching Down in Tashkent   Uzbekistan » Tashkent

Nov 3rd   Khiva – the desert town    Uzbekistan » Khiva

Nov 4th   Khiva to Bukhara    Uzbekistan » Bukhara

Nov 5th   Bukhara – Central Asia’s holiest city   Uzbekistan » Bukhara

Nov 6th   Following the Silk Road   Uzbekistan » Samarkand

Nov 7th   Spectacular Samarkand   Uzbekistan » Samarkand

Nov 9th   Hayr Uzbekistan   Uzbekistan » Tashkent

Nov 9th   Chaotic Tehran   Iran » North » Tehran

Nov 11th   The calm of Kashan   Iran » North » Kashan

Nov 13th    Mud bricks and backstreets (Yazd)   Iran » East » Yazd

Nov 14th   Village life   Iran » East » Yazd

Nov 16th   Living with the locals   Iran » West » Esfahan

Nov 18th   Mountains, canyons and kebabs   Iran » South » Shiraz

Nov 20th   In the cradle of civilisation – Shiraz   Iran » South » Shiraz

Nov 22nd   Farewell Iran   Iran » North » Tehran

Mongolia (plus East Timor, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma/Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Kathmandu) 2012

August 6th   Mongolia – The halfway point: Ulaan Bataar   Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar

August 9th   16 day nomads – days 1 to 3: Gobi Desert   Mongolia » Gobi Desert

August 14th   16 day nomads – days 4 to 8: Gobi Desert   Mongolia » Gobi Desert

August 18th   16 day nomads – days 9 to 12: Central Mongolia   Mongolia

August 22nd   16 day nomads – days 13 to 16: Central Mongolia   Mongolia

August 24th   Back in Ulan Baatar   Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar