Crossing the world’s highest road border – to China we go

Crossing the Pakistan/China border is a long and interesting process. We arrive at the bus ticket office 9am sharp as instructed, after a 10 minute wait one of the bus guys walked us down to Pakistan’s customs/immigration. There we waited outside a small hall for 20 minutes before being invited in to take a seat. … More Crossing the world’s highest road border – to China we go

Hitchhiking to Sost

Sost is Pakistan’s border town, even though it is 84km from the actual border. We checked out of our hotel in Passu and set ourselves up on the Highway outside. More traffic was heading south than north though it was still barely a trickle. After half an hour maybe half a dozen vehicles had gone … More Hitchhiking to Sost

Shangri-La? Exploring glaciers in Ghulkin

The Hunza Valley is said to be the inspiration behind the mythical valley of Shanghai-La in James Hilton’s 1933 novel ‘Lost Horizon.’ It’s not hard to see why. Rehman is infamous in the Pakistan traveller network for hosting foreigners at his family’s home in Ghulkin, a small village in the Hunza Valley just 15 minutes … More Shangri-La? Exploring glaciers in Ghulkin

Peaceful Gulmit

We were woken at 5am by water gushing out of the tap. All the hotels had had water issues and amid many apologies our bathroom bucket had been being filled for us with big bottles of water. The water in Karimabad comes from the glaciers so it is black/grey. The normal water had come back … More Peaceful Gulmit