A dip into Bago

We could have left Kalaw on a 8:30pm bus which with a 10-12 hour journey time would have us arriving at a reasonable time but we had chosen the 5:30pm bus for a couple of reasons: it gave us enough daylight to get down the bulk of the mountain road and with the constant wet … More A dip into Bago

Yangon – take 1

We arrived at the hotel in Yangon and into organised chaos, a narrow but tall colonial building with steep narrow staircase packed to the rafters with foreigners and numerous young men wearing longyis (the traditional skirt/sarong that most men here wear) and white shirts scurrying around the building as they performed their dual role as … More Yangon – take 1

Burma: “it is quite unlike any place you know about” (Rudyard Kipling)

Burma is a bit different. It is known by 2 names, Burma and Myanmar. Currently its land borders are closed so you have to fly in. It has 2 international airports but international flights only actually fly to/from Yangon (also known by its former name, Rangoon). Visas have to be gained in advance but recently … More Burma: “it is quite unlike any place you know about” (Rudyard Kipling)