Taking it easy in Kuching

We woke up a bit stiff – well actually our calf muscles were crippled and we could hardly move without squeaking so decided to take it easy in Kuching over the next day or so, catch up on some blog writing and finish visiting the museums.

IMG_1747The Sarawak Museum which we had previously been to opened an exhibition about death rites and rituals on the day we got back. It includes information about all of the ethnic groups in Sarawak and their death rituals including those of the Bidayu. It was really interesting. The various processes of dealing with the body, transition of the soul to the next world and offerings were the main themes. Compared to the other museums the exhibition is really well laid out with the right amount of information and some genuine artifacts. There were some interesting general facts in there such as 86% of Indians in Malaysia are Hindu. There was a random section on ancient Egypt too…

The remaining time was spent having a last wander around the streets, cleaning our shoes, doing laundry, repacking the bags and organising ourselves for Burma, exchanging our final Ringits for something more useful, booking the airport transfer, and finally giving in and buying a large tube of toothpaste…

Click on any image to enlarge and scroll through

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