The last border, the last camp and unexpected wildlife

We slept well and given we were close to the border didn’t get up super early, a decision we regretted when we got there to find it quite busy. It is though the main Kenya-Tanzania crossing given it’s proximity to Nairobi and Arusha. Because of that we thought it would be an easy crossing but … More The last border, the last camp and unexpected wildlife

Entering Kenya

After a quiet night the only thing around as we packed down camp not long after sunrise was a troop of mischievous blue balled monkeys (we don’t know their name so that is a literal description). We kept an eye on them to make sure there was no snatch and grab of any of our … More Entering Kenya

Kampala (+ Entebbe)

From the rhino sanctuary our next destination was Entebbe just south of Kampala, the capital. On the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe was once the capital of Uganda during the colonial era. Known as a more relaxed place we thought it would make a good stop before we headed into the city, which is notorious for … More Kampala (+ Entebbe)

Sleeping with rhinos

Uganda sadly lost all its rhinos to poaching. In 2002 Ziwa Ranch agreed to relocate 7,000 heads of cattle to establish a rhino sanctuary to reintroduce rhinos to Uganda. The aim is to initially re-introduce southern white rhinos back into the wild in Murchison Falls and then into other national parks throughout Uganda, through a collaborative … More Sleeping with rhinos